Voice for Khalistan echoes in Capitol Hill

Washington – A leading Sikh group has gained access to the powerful corridors of the Capitol Hill with ultimate goal of seeking US lawmakers’ moral support for the creation of an Independent State for followers of Sikh religion, bifurcating, Indian Punjab, the Sikh majority state, The Daily Mail learnt.
When more than two dozen lawmakers announced formation of the first-ever Sikh American Congressional Caucus last week at the Capitol Hill, it was the presence of quite a number of individuals and representatives of organizations, who have always been openly supporting the cause of Khalistan, making everyone feel the importance and sensitivity amongst the Sikh to have an independent State, getting rid of the imposed Hindu rule.
“Sikhs who were present in the Sikh Congressional Caucus event in Washington were activists for the rights of Sikhs and were motivated by ideology of pro-Khalistan,” said a prominent member of California-based North America Punjabi Association (NAPA).
A number of eminent Sikh American organizations say that as the courts back in India are now probing the riots of 1984 and the way the brutalities and ruthless killings of Sikhs by the Indian Security Forces during that era, which is by no means over yet, it becomes imminent for Sikhs to demand a separate and Independent State where they can live their lives with complete religious freedom and without any mistreatment on the basis of their religion or race.
These Sikhs, who also enjoy the support of the Sikhs, living in Canada and England in particular and from the rest of the world in general, say that the Capitol Hill is the best platform to gain support for this very legitimate and legal cause and they would continue to convince US lawmakers and policy makers to extend their support to this just cause.
They say that they do not support militancy for such purposes and that was why they had adopted the most democratic and most appealing way of gaining the moral support for their cause.
The Indian Embassy in Washington, which was not invited to this event, what many term as a historic one, has said it has always stood for the protection of the interests of all Indian Americans including members of the Sikh American community.
Insiders in the Sikh American community, who worked behind scenes for the creation of the Sikh Caucus, said that the Indian Embassy officials had expressed displeasure to the US lawmakers over the move.
An official of a New York-based Sikh advocacy group said, this was one of the reasons that none from the Indian Embassy were present at the launch event, which for the pro-Khalistan group is being billed as their major “diplomatic victory” against India after a long time.
However, the lawmakers, after the input by the Indian Embassy have asserted that the goal of this caucus is to address the issue of “hate crime” against the Sikhs US, as the community has been a major victim of it post 9/11.
“Rest assured, this platform will not be used against India. We are aware of the strategic importance of India-US relationship,” a Congressional aide said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the press.


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