Indian army takes desperate measures to meet officers’ shortage

–Launches highly illogical, insensible advertisement campaign for purpose – Asks people to Join Indian army to get beautiful daughters – mulls incentives to tackle shortfall

NEW DELHI – Indian army is taking desperate measures to overcome the acute shortage of officers the military leadership at New Delhi is now Army considering a slew of measures to tackle the problem, including formulation of an “attractive package” of incentives for officers joining the Short Service Commission as well as introduction of a new scheme called the Special Entry Commission (SECOM) which will enable personnel below-officer rank to become officers.
Well placed Defense sources told The Daily Mail that the attractive package for officers joining in the Short Service Commission has been formulated and is under the consideration of the government. So far as the SECOM is concerned, it will facilitate PBORs who meet the required criteria to become officers. Indian Army currently has a shortfall of more than 11,000 officers.
According to our authentic sources that requested anonymity, these initiatives were discussed at the recently-concluded 5-day Army Commanders’ Conference here at New Delhi. The Army top brass is also understood to have discussed various measures for ensuring more “cohesion” between officers and soldiers in Army units in order to prevent any further incidents of tension between officers and soldiers.
According to these sources, Indian Army leadership, during the Commanders’ moot, reiterated its stand that women should not be inducted into combat roles as of now. A recent study by the Army South-Western Command is understood to have reiterated this stand. However, the Army is set to create 200 more vacancies for women in various branches in the Army.
The desperation measures that the Indian army leadership is making to woo the young Indians to join army can be gauged by one highly weird example, following the decisions taken at the Commanders’ Conference is that the Indian army ‘Geniuses’ have placed a number of billboards to woo youngsters to join army across India.
However, the Army Joining Advertisement billboards have sent a number of serving and retired Indian army officers red faced and the same has put the entire Indian nation into a state of deep shame. These Indian army’s advertisement billboards display images of female Bollywood actors hailing from ‘army families’, and carry the punch line, “if you want to have beautiful and successful daughters, join the Indian army. The official website of the Indian army is mentioned at the bottom of the poster.
Many of those who have seen these billboards describe the advertisement campaign by the Indian army as a highly desperate measure and term the advertisements as unlike the advertisements the army and other defense forces usually release in the public domain.
The image has been re-Tweeted by India’s senior Congress member Shashi Tharoor, perhaps in an attempt to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the poster.
The snapshot of a billboard, carrying the army recruitment ad placed at an outdoor location in Shillong (India) is now floating on microblogging site Twitter..

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