Brazen Indian govt & uncanny Indian media


A convicted terrorist from India, who admitted of butchering 14 innocent Pakistani citizens through bomb blast in Lahore and Faisalabad in early 90s, was going through imprisonment and waiting to be hanged after getting death penalty from Pakistani courts after a comprehensive justice process was exercised. This death sentenced terrorist was beaten up by certain inmates, an incident which is otherwise very common in almost every prison of the world and especially in the jails of India and Pakistan.
However, soon after the news of Sarbjit being thrashed by inmates, the Indian government as well as the Indian media went heads over heels with a great shameless and brazenness manner and started portraying as if no convicted terrorist, a killer of 14 innocent people was not thrashed but actually some VVIP dignitary of India, visiting Pakistan on a Stet visit was attacked in Pakistan. If the Indian media started crying like a frightened and traumatized child over the issue, the Indian government on the other hand reacted to the episode in such a manner as if Sarrbjit was some Indian diplomat who got thrashed in Pakistan. From the level of a third secretary at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to the the Prime Minister of India, everybody set aside all the facts and norms of diplomacy and straight away started raising a rather derogatory voice in support of the a terrorist who was long ago convicted for killing 14 people through proved acts of terrorism.
It is a legally proved fact that Sarabjit Singh is an ‘official terrorist’ from India, sent to Pakistan for executing terror plans by the Indian government. He came and displayed first degree terrorism and killed a number of innocent citizens in different parts of Pakistan and was finally arrested and convicted and is now going through his sentence in a Pakistani prison. He is also on tapes to have admitted his crime before courts and media both. However the Indian government and Indian media have constantly been asking Pakistan government to release him and both are now bent upon portraying the terrorist as celebrity from India.
On the other side, Pakistan government has never asked for the release of any terrorist of Pakistani origin, arrested by India for any act of terrorism in India. In fact government of Pakistan and Pakistani media has never uttered a single word of sympathy for any such terrorists, irrespective of the fact that such terrorists were proved of being Pakistani or not at first place. It is also on record that no family member of any such terror accused, held in India, has ever made any appeal to the Indian government for his release. The latest example in this regard is that of an alleged Pakistani terrorist of Mumbai attacks, Ajmal Kasab who was prosecuted and hanged within a matter of months
In Kasab’s case, neither the Pakistan government, nor the Pakistani media or any kin (if there is any) of Kasab ever made any appeal to the Indian government for showing mercy to the terrorist. In fact no single person from all over Pakistan ever uttered a single word in support or sympathy of Ajmal Kasab and no one from Pakistan ever tried to make any influence during Kasab’s trial and ultimate death sentence.
The Daily Mail questions that what makes Kasab different from Sarabjit Singh? The answer is ‘Nothing’.
The Daily Mail believes that both Ajmal Kasab and Sarabjit Singh were charged and handed over sentences for first degree terrorism. Both were sentenced for killing innocent people and both were legally proved to be simply enemies of humanity. However the question is that why Indian government and Indian media is trying their best to get one terrorist released on humanitarian grounds while both of them ensured the hanging the other one?
The Daily Mail is of the firm opinion that no one from Pakistan government should listen to such foul cries of the Indian government or the Indian media or kin of such arrested and convicted terrorists. However, on humanitarian grounds, the convicted terrorist must be given proper medical treatment and must be hanged as early as possible, once he becomes medically fit.
The Daily Mail is also of the opinion that Indian media should also show responsibility in such matters and should avoid portraying the convicted terrorist as some celebrity from India because by doing so, they would only gain a big incredibility across the world.
The Daily Mail is of the opinion that what is different between Ajmal Kasab and Sarabjit Singh, is that though both terrorists were always of same profile, yet Kasab’s profile went really high due to media hype in India while Sarabjit’s profile remained limited as at the time his committing terrorism, there was not enough media in this part of the world to highlight his profile. The Daily Mail is also of the opinion that what differentiates Ajamla Kasab and Sarabjit Singh is that Sarabjit has government and Indian media on his back, pleading and supporting the convicted terrorist him while Kasab had no one on his back.
 – Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)

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